3 Benefits of Daylight Harvesting with Smart Lighting Systems

When your smart lighting system utilizes daylight harvesting, it’s using natural lighting to offset your carbon footprint and energy costs. The added benefit of daylight harvesting is creating a serene environment for customers and employees across your retail bank branch portfolio.

Smart systems automatically adjust lighting levels.

Since your LED lights are connected to the Internet of Things (AKA IoT-enabled), they are able to regulate themselves and adjust their functionality automatically. Your employees don’t have to worry about adjusting lights based on the weather and time of day so they can focus on customers’ needs.

Natural lighting boosts people’s moods.

Natural light is a must-have for employees. In fact, in a study conducted by Future Workplace, 47% of employees felt tired when they didn’t have the appropriate level of sunlight, so natural light keeps productivity in check. Sunlight has the same effect on your bank customers; vitamin D offers a natural mood boost.

Daylight harvesting saves money.

Since your overhead lighting system isn’t constantly in use, you’re able to reduce your energy bills. By calibrating artificial light levels to proactively interact with natural light, you’re able to shed energy load by dimming artificial light output as natural light increases. A simple adjustment to an IoT-based lighting system could mean thousands of dollars in savings per month.

With a smart lighting system saving money and contributing to employee wellbeing, installing the system is a no-brainer. Contact SBT for more information about how you can increase employee happiness with an efficient, low-cost lighting system.