Condition of Sale, Warranties, Terms and Obligations

Warranties and Obligations
The following is exclusive and supersedes and other warranties, express, implied or statutory. This includes but not by way of limitation any warranty of merchantability of fitness for any purpose.

SBT Alliance & Direct Discount Lighting warrants to its buyer for resale only that SBT / DDL products are free from defects in workmanship and materials. The obligation of SBT / DDL under our warranty is expressly limited to replacement of the unit itself or its components (board, chips, transformer, ballast, etc.), or repair, at our sole discretion, without charge. This is for defective products manufactured by us within a period of five years from documented date of purchase. Customer must first contact SBT / DDL and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Products without a RMA may be refused or delayed at our discretion.

Sealed lead acid batteries from SBT / DDL have a two year pro-rata warranty. Nickel cadmium batteries have a five year pro-rata warranty.

Our warranty does not apply to products which have been modified, tampered with, subject to neglect, abuse, misuse, accident or repaired outside of our factory. Warranty does not apply to our products which have been installed and used in conjunction with non SBT / DDL products. Our warranty does not apply to any part or component manufactured by a company other than SBT / DDL. A warranty of non SBT / DDL manufactured parts or components should be addressed with that manufacturer, and not SBT / DDL.

Limitations of Liability
In no event shall SBT / DDL be liable for incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages (regardless of form of action, whether in strict liability, in contract, or in tort including negligence). Not liable for loss of profits, nor shall the liability of SBT / DDL for any claims or damage connected or arising out of or connected with this agreement or the sale, delivery, use, repair, maintenance, manufacture repair or modification of the supply of any replacement parts or sale therefore, exceed the purchase price of the products.

Our limitation of liability shall apply to any liability for default under or in connection with the parts, products, components, or services delivered hereunder whether based on failure of or delay in delivery, warranty, or otherwise. No labor charges will be accepted without prior written approval by a senior management official of SBT / DDL. This clause shall survive failure of an exclusive remedy.